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Burger King

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Fans of Burger King worldwide undoubtedly know about the chain’s signature burger, The Whopper, and its veggie-less, bacon-and-cheese adorned cousin, the Stacker King. But Burger King South Korea is challenging our flame-grilled, stateside Kong-sized creations with its own mouthwatering Godzillas, the Stacker Whoppers.

Thanks to BK South Korea’s “Real Whopper Challenge,” now available are the Stacker 2 Whopper, Stacker 3 Whopper, and the Stacker 4 Whopper. Each number designates how many flame-broiled 4-ounce beef patties have been piled high, with the other standard accouterments, between two sesame seed buns. And there has even been mention of a secret menu where you can obtain a Stacker 5 Whopper as well.

With the help of Google Translate, the Instagram caption goads burger lovers to “challenge a bigger Whopper you can trust,” and dares anyone to take it on: “Burger King Stacker Wafers of overwhelming size,/Are you [enough] confident to handle it?” You can take on the challenge by purchasing a multi-stack Whopper, taking a photo of yourself eating it, and posting it on social media.

The ploy is to advertise BK South Korea’s shift towards more sustainable eating by using all-natural ingredients and listing them on the wrapper, similar to the move made by its U.S. counterpart in September of last year. Each patty symbolically represents a specific period of time in the division’s transition throughout this initiative. According to a Korean Burger King webpage, “Through the past five years of improving product ingredients such as flavors, colors, preservatives, and additives for all ingredients of the Whopper, a more reliable and more delicious real Whopper has been born!”

So if you have plans to make the trip to “The Land of the Morning Calm” and take on the challenge, then be sure to add between 8,500 and 12,500 South Korean won ($7.29 and $11.30) to the cost of your flight and lodging, too, since that’s about what the first 3 Stacker Whoppers will run you.