Fans of Burger King worldwide undoubtedly know about the chain’s signature burger, The Whopper, and its veggie-less, bacon-and-cheese adorned cousin, the Stacker King. But Burger King South Korea is challenging our flame-grilled, stateside Kong-sized creations with its own mouthwatering Godzillas, the Stacker Whoppers. Thanks to BK South Korea’s “Real Whopper Challenge,” now available are the […]

50 Cent and Jay Manzini, a famous entrepreneur, walked into a Burger King located on the Southside of Queens, New York, and dropped CASH on some of the employees. Reportedly, more than $30,000 in cash was given to the employees of the fast-food restaurant. The pandemic has wreaked havoc on the economy, as there are […]

The Back

Sherrod must've heard he'd get to review food today because he came prepared, sans durag and with a napkin bib.

The Front

Flame broiled politics.

Burgers and beer are always a solid move.