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Depending on whom you ask, the career advice of “Follow your passion” can either be too woo-woo for any serious job seeker or maybe it’s the path to doing what you love and never working a day in your life. But if you have a sweet tooth and wonder if dream jobs still exist during the pandemic, then Candy Funhouse has the opening just for you!

According to the job description on Indeed, Candy Funhouse is looking for ten “Candyologists,” two full-time and eight part-time, to put their taste buds to the test and try the more than 3000 confections currently sold by the company. They also plan to add ten new candy lines, and you will be an important part of that rollout.

As long as you have a high school diploma, and you can write two sentences that “consider aspects of taste, texture, and quality” about every piece of yumminess you try, then you have a fighting chance of being chosen for the role.

Make sure to greet every workday with “enthusiasm and eagerness to try confectionery products.” And even sweeter, if you want to work full-time, then they’re willing to pay $30 an hour, which is twice the currently proposed minimum wage – as long as you can make it to work every day at their factory in Mississauga, ON.

So in Canadian currency, that would come out to a little more than $38 Loonies, eh?

But if you’re not quite ready for the land of maple syrup and poutine, or maybe you’re already up north yet aren’t able to commit to a 40-hour workweek, their part-time positions pay a not-so measly $26, and Candy Funhouse will ship the items to you (again, provided you’re in Canada or the United States).

Applicants have until February 15 to submit their resumes and see if they make the cut. Here’s to wishing everyone a Happy Love Reset Day!

Willie Wonka, eat your heart out.