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LeBron James is having himself a busy time away from the hardwood. When he’s not been trying to lead the Los Angeles Lakers to their 18th championship or in front of the camera and engaging in some light cheesy fare, it would seem he’s been behind the lens and tackling harder-hitting issues.

James is working with journalist Sarah Koenig, longtime business partner Maverick Carter, and his SpringHill Company to bring the third season of the podcast Serial to HBO. Koenig, Emmanuel Dzotsi, and Alissa Shipp of Serial Productions will also share executive production duties.

To understand why this backdrop, Koening said, “We need to spend at least a year watching ordinary criminal justice, in the least exceptional, most middle-of-the-road, most middle-of-the-country place we could find: Cleveland.”

Whereas previous adaptations of Serial have covered a singular protagonist over the course of the season, this specific season addresses a Cleveland police officer, the man whom the officer is accused of beating, and how the legal system impacts all the players involved. The season could stand as a possible indictment of the American justice system at large.

“Every case [co-producer] Emmanuel [Dzotsi] and I followed, there came a point where we thought: No, this can’t be how it works,” Koenig said in a press release for the podcast’s premiere. “And then we were like, Oh! Oh my god. This is how it works! This is how it happens! People who work in the system or have been through the system, they know this. But millions more people do not. And for the past year I’ve had this urgent feeling of wanting to kind of hold open the courthouse door, and wave people inside. Because things are happening — shocking things, fascinating things — in plain sight.”

A release date for the season has yet to be announced.