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Most folks assume vasectomies, you know, male sterilization, the surgical procedure where  a doctor clips the tube that carries sperm in scrotum, are the equivalent to castration. It’s not the same thing. A vasectomy simply prevents the flow of sperm. Barring incident, men have full use of their member post surgery. And a recent report from the National Institute of Health proves that things may even start to look up after the procedure. A study of almost 300 individuals found that men who’ve had vasectomies enjoy getting it popping  more than those who haven’t—and their partners report high sexual satisfaction as well. 

Does this mean that all guys who are no longer interested in procreating should run out and schedule a vasectomy? Pump your breaks.

Vasectomies are considered a permanent form of sterilization, and should only be considered when one is absolutely sure he is no longer interested in creating new life. That means you shouldn’t look at a vasectomy as a pass to ho, and then think you can reverse it later in life.  Vasectomies also don’t prevent the spread of STDs, so you still have to engage in protected sex if you are not in a monogamous relationship.

That said, those who are sure of their decision to have the procedure have less to worry about when it comes to sexual performance and desire—at least according to the study’s findings.  And they don’t stand alone. According to Planned Parenthood, there are a few other benefits to the surgery, including:

  1. Vasectomies are 99% effective when it comes to preventing pregnancy, which means they are a top method of birth control.
  2. Vasectomies eliminate the need for any additional kind of birth control.
  3. Vasectomies don’t impact a man’s ability to ejaculate.
  4. Vasectomies don’t change the look or taste of male cum.


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