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On the  10-year anniversary of former Washington Washington Football Team Sean Taylor’s passing, Clinton Portis and Santana Moss opened up about the loss of their friend to NBC.

Beyond all the great times the trio had on the field, Portis also revealed an off-the-field tradition they had prior to games: taking a shot of Hennessy.

“Prior to the game, on our way, we would take a little shot,” Portis said. “Not like going out and getting sloppy wasted; just adrenaline. You know, you take a shot and you were done with it. Me, Santana, and Sean, we did this for a year and a half before anybody knew. We never told anybody. It was just, hey, here’s a little sip, bam, that was it,” said Portis.

The tradition started after Portis had one of the best games of his life while hungover. He ran for 112 yards and a touchdown, and Moss caught a 68-yard pass in overtime to win the game. In an attempt to recreate that magic, they tossed one back before every game.

Portis said the shots helped “get my mind right,” while Moss said it was “just kind of having fun.”

It went on for about a year and a half before head coach Jim Zorn put an end to what he called “taking sips for Sean.” In actuality, it was something that they did prior to Taylor joining the Washington Washington Football Team in 2004.

Sean Taylor was murdered in 2007 when Jason Mitchell, a guest in his home, saw the amount of money Taylor had at his disposal and burglarized the home weeks later. He left empty-handed, but returned with four friends. Taylor was home because an injury prevented him from traveling with his teammates; the robbers shot him in the upper leg and he died the next day.

You can watch the entire 45-minute interview here.

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