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Sibling rivalries are nothing new throughout human history, though some clearly grow in legend over time. When you talk about contentious familial head-to-heads, there are the likes of the Biblical slaying of Abel by older brother Cain or Anne Boleyn besting her sister Mary for the heart of King Henry VIII (to Anne’s own demise). And then there is that of Rudolf Dassler and his younger brother Adolf, nicknamed “Adi.” Their breakdown was so bad that their hometown mayor Dr. German Hacker will still wear a shoe from each brand on each foot to this day.

Retired soccer superstar David Beckham and his company Studio 99 will produce a three-part docuseries, World War Shoe, about the brothers’ bitter falling out and how the rift eventually ran deep enough to divide their families-at-large as well as their small village of Herzogenaurach. As of now, there is no official date for its release, but we know that Studio 99’s Nicola Howson will be the managing director of the project. Also, Boat Rocker Studios, Unscripted, and its company Matador Content will co-produce the project.

Although there’s never been an official confirmation for why the brothers had such a bitter falling out, some curious theories have always floated around, ranging from a misinterpreted remark made under duress to allegations of infidelity. Hopefully, they will be investigated more deeply in the series.

“This is a dramatic and compelling tale,” said Howson. “It’s not often you find an untold story which will resonate with so many people globally, and we are delighted to be partnering with Boat Rocker and Matador to bring it to life.”

In a joint statement about the upcoming docuseries, Jay Peterson, president of Boat Rocker Studios, Unscripted and Todd Lubin, president of Matador Content, said, “We’re excited to work with David, [director] Philip [Boatswain], [producer] Lisa [Vangellow], and everyone at Studio 99 to bring the incredible story of the brothers behind two of the biggest brands in the world to the screen. We promise you’ll never look at your sneakers the same way again.”

A release date for “World War Shoe” has not yet been revealed.