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Powerhouse singer Tina Turner, 77, is gearing up for the release of two major projects: a new book that promises to tell all of her business, and a new musical that will reveal hidden secrets about the rock ‘n’ roll legend.

Get it, Miss Turner!

The book is the follow-up to her first autobiography, I, Turner, and it will provide readers with a more detailed depiction of the icon’s current mind as she enjoys a whole new life A.I. (After Ike). The new book is called Tina Turner: My Love Story and it will be released via Atria Books in October 2018.

According to EW:

Atria Books announced Monday that it has acquired Tina Turner: My Love Story, a memoir co-written by Turner with her collaborators Deborah Davis and Dominik Wichmann, which will chart the full, dramatic story of one of the most remarkable lives in music history, celebrating Tina Turner’s 60th year in music. Topics covered will include everything from “finding love” to surviving a “life-threatening illness” she had not previously disclosed. Simon & Schuster audio is co-releasing, set for an October 2018 publication date.

And the living legend ain’t done yet.

Miss Turner will also be the subject of a brand new musical. According to Metro, Broadway actress Adrienne Warren, who will play Tina in the musical, recently made a private appearance with Tina at The Hospital Club in Covent Garden to speak to the press ahead of the musical’s March debut.

“There are secrets she hasn’t told yet,” Adrienne explained when pressed about why Tina, who technically retired seven years ago, agreed to be involved in the musical.

“She [Tina] has more to tell her fans about her story, and that’s why we’re doing this,” Adrienne revealed.

Tina is heavily involved in the production. She is overseeing all the music for the show, and she’s been even more involved in the biographical aspect, making sure that her real life is the focus, rather than any fictional elements. Tina opens at the Aldwych Theatre on March 21,  2018.