Desus & Mero Hosting First Ever BOLT21 Real Star Awards On Instagram

Source: Bravo / Getty

Comedic duo Desus & Mero’s brand is even stronger. The hosts of the hit Showtime show that combines hilarious commentary with current events, social trends, and features the most illustrious guests will now be hosting a first-of-its-kind awards show.

The Bodega Boys will be teaming up with BOLT24 (by the makers of Gatorade) for the first-ever BOLT24 Real Star Awards Show. The entire show will take place on Instagram Stories during NBA All-Star Weekend and celebrate pro hooper’s efforts on and off the court. Like on their show, the guests will continue to be illustrious with special appearances by Damian Lillard, Seth Curry, Tacko Fall, Sue Bird, Elena Delle Donne, and more.

As for the awards themselves, the categories are not the typical ones you see. For example, players will be recognized for “Best Drip in the Game” to “Most Likely To Wear a Sweat Suit to a Wedding.” Those definitely sound like conversation starters that will spark some interesting debates on social media leading up to the All-Star Game plus slam dunk and three-point competition on Sunday (Mar.7).

Desus & Mero will host the inaugural BOLT24 Real Star Awards on their respective Instagram channels (@desusnice and @thekidmero) on Saturday, March 6, at 7:00 pm EST.

You can peep the hilarious teaser for the awards show below.

Photo: Bravo / Getty