A man meditating in lotus position

Source: GlobalStock / Getty

Name: Dr. Michael Chan-Frazier, LPC

Spiritual Expert, SOULva Bar Specialist and Therapist

“We as individuals are spirit. When people think of spirituality they think of organized religion, but the basis of all spirituality is the relationship with self. Your exploration of spirituality is focused inward, then moves to the connection with a higher power. It’s easy for us to fall into distractions from that connection, but when you’re dealing with everything from violence to systemic racism you have to work hard to get out of survival mode. The ability to connect with self, the human race and a higher power is essential. Connecting with your spiritual side will ground you and help you thrive. Here are some things to consider.”

1. Your Strongest Weapon is Your Breath. “Learning how and when to pause and breathe is grounding, and a relatively easy first step. You can do this in many ways. For example, each morning when you wake, sit up and plant your feet on the floor, close your eyes and allocate a few moments to take some intentional deep breaths. Imagine that breath going through your whole body. Set an intention for the day. Say an affirmation. This whole ritual can be as short as 30 seconds; it’s about aligning your thoughts, body and spirit.”


2. Write. Write. Write. “Writing is healing. It helps you align what you’re thinking, feeling and actualizing. It’s a time to let go. A lot of times we let our thoughts and emotions pile up. I tell my clients to write a letter to person or situation they want to release, read it then burn it to let it (that issue) go.”


3. Cleanse Your Space. “Ever leave a situation and feel like something isn’t right? We’re constantly exchanging energy with people via phone, emails and face-to-face encounters. Get in the habit of routinely clearing your energy field by smudging your space. Smudging is an ancient practice done by Native Americans, Africans and many other indigenous cultures where you burn sage to eliminate emotional fogging and negative energy. It’s a simple process. Buy sacred sage, pray to your higher power/say an affirmation, light the sage and walk around your space to let the smoke fill the area. Smudging can be done weekly, monthly and/or any time you feel impacted by negative energy.”


4. Express Gratitude. “Taking out time daily to thank your higher power for the things you appreciate recalibrates your spiritual and emotional energy. Expressing appreciation to friends and loved ones also shifts energy. Write down your thanks too. Journaling regularly is a great release for the spirit.


5. Find a Creative Outlet. “Most folks have jobs or careers, and then the thing he or she was born to do. Express your creativity. That is the thing your spirit was created to do. Creativity comes in many forms, from art and public speaking, to repairing cars and painting houses. Find the thing that works for you and do it.”