Summer is coming to an end, which means if you’re just “having fun” with someone your mental clock is telling you it’s time to to cool down. But things aren’t over yet. The weather is still warm, and you actually look forward to leaving the house, so wrap things up on a high note.  Here […]

The average dude assumes that if he’s feeling pleasure his partner is too—and that’s where he’s losing. Being a slayer isn’t just about doing freaking stuff; it’s also about technique. Mastering the way you switch up your rhythm, depth of stroke and positioning will ensure you receive the ultimate compliment every time you put it […]

  High blood pressure plagues the Black community, but with a few lifestyle changes, you can lessen your chances. A new health study from the American Heart Association (AHA)  found that 75 percent of Black participants—both men and women—developed high blood pressure (HBP), also known as hypertension, by the age of 55. Comparatively, 55 percent […]

When women are hounded by exes it’s criminalized. When men are hounded by exes it can be seen as comical. Too often guys who complain about relentless overtures from a woman receive pats on the backs because the girl can’t let go, or teased for not being able to put her in check. But stalking […]