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MoviePass App As Company Makes It Harder To See Movies

Source: Bloomberg / Getty

More people are getting vaccinated, and the leniency in COVID restrictions continues to increase each week. Still, one of the last milestones of a return to normalcy will be the total reopening of movie theaters. There have been some modified rules applied so far, and with limited success. However, the hint of a particular blast from the past might upend all of that: MoviePass.

Recently, a bizarre splash page has popped up with only the MoviePass logo, a countdown clock, and the cryptic headline “the movie is about to start.” Furthermore, the page’s URL uses a very unique “.ventures” ending, makes the whole affair even more strange. But if the recent article from Variety is correct, former CEO Mitch Lowe is as clueless about the whole matter as the general public. “I have no idea,” he replied in an email. “It has nothing to do with me.”

The concept of paying a $9.95 monthly subscription for unlimited visits to the cinema was a godsend for moviegoers. It also quickly tanked the company’s finances, to the sound of $277 million of debt and forcing Moviepass into Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Their official webpage still has the 2019 message from Lowe announcing the company’s indefinite suspension of services, and their social media accounts show no new activity since around that time, either.

One theory floating around is that it might be tied to Mark Wahlberg’s upcoming docuseries about the hasty rise and demise of the company. In fact, according to The Wrap, the domain was anonymously registered one month after it was reported that Wahlberg’s production company, Unrealistic Ideas, would begin work on the project.

Nevertheless, fans of the service continue to remain prayerful for its return. And we should all hopefully know the truth, too, come Monday, March 22.