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Portland Trail Blazers v Golden State Warriors

Source: Thearon W. Henderson / Getty

Athletes see all of the shots you take at them on social media. Just ask Kevin Durant, who went as far as to make dummy accounts to argue with fans. But what happens when someone decides to take shots in person?

On Monday night, the Portland Trail Blazers suffered a heartbreaking 108-107 loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Jimmy Butler and Jamal Crawford fought from behind to lead their team to a win while a frustrated Portland team couldn’t seem to get any calls in their favor. Butler came up in a big way for his team, putting up 37 points despite suffering from back spasms. “I ride for everybody in this locker room. I’m going to battle with them as long as I can walk,” Butler said after the game.

After the loss, Damian Lillard, 27, headed back to the team bus where fans were hoping to get some of the stars to greet them and provide an autograph or two. But some Timberwolves fans decided to pop off when Lillard walked by, and whatever they said pissed him off enough for him to confront them. The exchange was recorded, but as the 6’3″ point guard walked closer, all you can hear is the engine of the bus behind him. In the first video below, he can be seen retreating. But in a second video, he steps to the fans again to see if anyone wants to repeat themselves.

“What’d you say,” Lillard asked while being recorded. “Which one of y’all said that?”

After video of the incident began making the rounds on social media, Lillard quickly took to Twitter to address it, saying they were just looking for attention.

What wasn’t caught on camera was the heckler apologizing and Dame leaving shortly afterward.