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GAP Clothing Store In Changzhou

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This year Mark Breitbard, president and CEO of Gap Brand, spoke at the UN’s Global Compact CEO Water Mandate World Water Day event to outline his company’s socially conscious position on water and sustainable fashion. “We believe water is a human right, and we want to ensure future generations have access to clean water for their health, work, and play,” he said. “That is why it’s time to take bold action on water now.”

With that statement, Gap launched its “Generation Good” capsule collection. Apparel from this collection will be made from organically grown cotton or a minimum of 50% recycled materials, and they will bear the icon of a globe with two arrows circling it longitudinally to certify they were produced according to those standards. Generation Good clothing will also be created according to Gap’s five commitments called The Good List: “Less Waste, Less Water, Lower Emissions, Better Materials, and Support for Workers.”

Kristy Stevenson, Senior Director of Global Sustainability, highlighted the fact that “For some of us, water is something we rarely stop to think about—it’s readily available and safe for us to drink, wash our hands with, or swim in… We recognize that our company operates in an industry that relies heavily on water to do business and that the people who work in the factories and on the cotton farms we source from often live in places that are considered ‘highly water-stressed.'”

So five years ago, Gap introduced a series of clothes-washing techniques that uses at least 20% less water than regular industry methods. By 2018, the company saved over 100 million liters of water and, through the two years after that, was able to increase the amount of water saved by 300% more. And although we are only nearing the end of this year’s first quarter, Gap says it has already achieved 75% of its 2021 goal thanks to its Water Quality Program.

Learn more about the Generation Good collection and shop for clothes that will protect the earth with the development of more sustainable fashion. And make sure to share your thoughts with the Gap via social media using the tag #GapForGood.

“[W]e are committed to being part of the solution,” reiterated Stevenson. “Our company has long stated our belief that water is a human right, and we are taking actions to have a positive water impact.”