You can look good and do your part to save the planet too by shopping at these Black-owned sustainable fashion brands.


While personal taste varies, style remains a universal language. Nadiyah Bradshaw-Spencer has been shaping that narrative for the last 10 years. Nadiyah started her career in fashion in the prestigious GAP Training Program where she learned and worked across every major area from concept to consumer. With this invaluable start, the Plainfield, New Jersey native […]

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Footwear giant Adidas has released a statement saying it will begin creating shoes using a fungus-based leather alternative called Mylo, in line with the company's agenda of furthering its sustainability initiative.

When ethics are centered in fashion, not only does that help the environment, but it also helps the people as wages are higher and the communities in which these resources lie are often paid for their skills. Support these sustainable fashion brands.