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Tinder x Lyft

Source: Tinder / Tinder

Your next inamorato may not pull up in a 1989 Lincoln Town Car and blasting “Amami, Alfredo through the sunroof. Still, the news of a partnership between Tinder and Lyft might provide some lonely hearts out there with hopes of their own Pretty Woman moments, too.

“Like any relationship, it’s about the right place at the right time, and there really is no better moment for our brands to work together,” said David Wyler, SVP of Business Development and Partnerships at Tinder. On Monday, the company released a statement announcing it would be working with the ridesharing service Lyft and allow its users to gift a ride to the objects of their affection. “We’re excited to partner with Lyft and work on innovative solutions for our members who are looking forward to getting back out there.”

Tinder x Lyft

Source: Tinder / Tinder

Certain details have yet to be revealed about the “thoughtful gesture,” most notably any official rollout dates or how pricing will be structured, but current reports say both parties have to agree to the arrangement for the ride request to go through. There was mention made of some other juicy extras to be disclosed in the upcoming months as well.

Also, we published a story last week about Tinder’s alliance with Garbo, the New York tech company that will let Tinder’s users vet their prospective love interests for any public record of dating violence before deciding to move forward. In the same spirit, Lyft will enable access to Tinder users’ own security features, including the ability to silently request emergency help or share your location with family and friends.

“We value Tinder’s inclusive policies and diverse community,” said Lyft’s Head of Partnership Marketing, Julia Parsons. “We’re excited to partner with a company that, like Lyft, believes in elevating experiences and bringing people together.”

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