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(L-R) Carola Jain, Fyre Festival cofounder Billy McFarland, Jason Bell, and Ja Rule in 2016 | Photographer: Am Source: Bloomberg / Getty

After doing his research, Ja Rule has entered the NFT market.

Most witnessed the disaster that was Fyre Festival in real time, so it’s easy to see why Ja (cofounder of the fraudulent event) would be eager to shed all the bad juju associated with it. The rapper sold an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) of a Fyre Festival painting logo. “The purchaser of the Fyre Festival token will receive an original work of art commissioned at the time for the festival that has been hanging in Ja Rule’s New Jersey home,” The Guardian reports. “The work also comes with a note from Ja Rule reading ‘F*ck this painting.’”

When he was in the process of selling his NFT, Ja told Forbes of the Fyre Festival sale “I just wanted that energy out.”

If you’re not privy to NFTs and how they’re taking over the market, they represent unique and collectible digital files in the form of art, music, videos, and more. In fact, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey just sold his first tweet ever — “just setting up my twttr” — for a whopping $2.9 million, according to reports.

More information on NFTs and how they work here. Do you plan on letting Jeffrey Atkins move on from his ongoing Fyre Festival nightmare? Let us know.