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Boston Celtics Introduce New Players Kyrie Irving And Gordon Hayward

Source: Boston Globe / Getty

It’s been a helluva 365 days for Kyrie Irving. This time last year, the superstar guard iced a Christmas Day win with the game-clinching basket for the Cleveland Cavaliers against the Golden State Warriors. This year, NBA star, now the bonafide leader of the Boston Celtics, is getting over a Christmas Day loss against the Washington Wizards. Despite the L, seems like he still made the right move. There’s been a lot of conversation around  Irving’s sudden, yet not-so-sudden, trade request to leave the Cavs. The team scooped him in the 2011 NBA Draft and he helped lead them to an NBA championship, but it’s also a franchise that seemed to operate under the rule of one LeBron James. Destined to be his own man, and leave the “Robin” moniker to James’ “Batman” behind, the 25-year-old Jersey native is focused on turning around the storied Boston franchise and leading them back to trophy-winning greatness.

The move has already impacted the bottom line when it comes to Kyrie’s overall brand equity. NIKE tapped him as one of the brand’s signature athletes and has given him the full systems go treatment. The sneaker giant’s latest release, the Kyrie 4, debuted a few weeks ago, and the new roll-out showcases the star athlete’s talents on the court as well as the “unique” personal views that make him, well, Kyrie. The baller hasn’t been afraid to say how he feels on things, like claiming Christmas isn’t a real holiday and that the world is flat, and that individuality comes through in the “Find Your Groove” campaign. The commercial  features appearances from fellow Celtics teammate Jayson Tatum and New England Patriots superstar Rob Gronkowski. In it Kyrie does things his way, as if it’s been his way the entire time. It’s clearly his flat-shaped world, and we’re all living in it. Check out the ad below.