All hopes that the 2024 NBA Finals would be competitive are just about gone. Last night, the Boston Celtics took on the Dallas Mavericks, and with the latter finally having home-court advantage, it was thought the series would finally get interesting. However, it turns out the Celtics still came out on top and are currently […]

Some of the world’s biggest athletes are leaving the bigger sports brands like Nike and adidas for niche brands, and often, it’s because they desire more autonomy. That includes Kyrie Irving, who ended his relationship with Nike in 2022 after the latter decided not to renew his contract amid his antisemitic remarks. Now, he’s taken […]

When it comes to redemption tours in the NBA, Kyrie Irving‘s may rank amongst the best. He received hate from Cleveland Cavaliers fans, Boston Celtics fans and Brooklyn Nets fans, but his two-season stint with the Dallas Mavericks has allowed him to find his footing. He’s teamed up with Slovenian star Luka Doncic and has […]

Kyrie Irving has managed to avoid controversy now that he’s a Dallas Maverick. But he’s courting it now with his response to not being selected for the Olympic basketball team. On Wednesday, the team’s roster was released. The team consists of LeBron James, Steph Curry, Joel Embiid, Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, Jayson Tatum, […]

Clutch Kyrie Irving—you know, the one who secured the Cleveland Cavaliers’ NBA Championship in 2016—was on full display Sunday afternoon. The Dallas Mavericks were playing the defending champion Denver Nuggets when he sunk a buzzer-beater to clinch the 107-105 win. Irving didn’t just sink the game-winner, but it was with a left-handed hook shot. The […]

Eyes are usually on Kyrie Irving‘s speedy footwork, but earlier this month, you may have been looking at his swift movement for another reason: new sneakers. At the top of February, Irving’s Dallas Mavericks were taking on his ex-team, the Brooklyn Nets. He marked the occasion by debuting his first signature sneaker with ANTA, and […]

That Kyrie Irving–LeBron James reunion just took an interesting turn. The two joining forces always seemed logical, with Kyrie Irving leaving the Dallas Mavericks and going to the Los Angeles Lakers because he’s a free agent. The Lakers wouldn’t have to give up any of the young core they’ve acquired. However, Kyrie Irving is allegedly […]

Is Kyrie Irving trending again? Of Course. But thankfully, it has nothing to do with eclectic opinions and everything to do with what team he could be suiting up for next season. Irving does his best to steer clear of social media, but with all the rumors about him teaming up with LeBron James again […]

As the Los Angeles Lakers pack it up for the season, fans already have one way to majorly improve the team for next season. There are plenty of players fans want to see LeBron James team up with, but atop that list is Kyrie Irving. As soon as the season ends, Irving will be an […]


Smith’s constant rants about Irving have left many wondering if there’s more between the two sports figures than just basketball-related tit-for-tats.


Kyrie Irving hopped on Twitch this week to vent about how frustrated he is with media speculations about his character as a teammate. The Dallas Mavericks’ new acquisition also asked how can he be free when children in Africa are still slaving away for Big Tech. “’What’s Ky gonna do this summer? Does Ky like […]


After his well-publicized spit with Nike, NBA star Kyrie Irving has found creative ways to cover up his sneakers rather than throw them away.