Seattle Seahawks v Jacksonville Jaguars

Source: Don Juan Moore / Getty

NFL free safety Earl Thomas knows what he wants and it’s not to be a Seattle Seahawk. Well, at least not forever.

Sunday afternoon the Seattle Seahawks took on the Dallas Cowboys and their  21-12  victory proved to save the team’s season. The playoffs are still in reach, but Earl Thomas had bigger things on his mind, namely joining that afternoon’s opposing team.

After the game, he followed the Cowboys back into their locker room  to talk to wide receiver Dez Bryant and went up to head coach Jason Garrett and said, “if you have a chance to get me, come get me.”

After that stunt he headed back to the Seahawk locker room where the media was waiting for him to get back so they could ask him WTH just happened. Thomas made it clear that he wasn’t expecting the Cowboys to offer him a contract on the spot, but he was a huge fan of the franchise growing up and could always see himself playing there. Thomas is well aware that he’s in the prime of his career and meant that when the Seahawks “kick him to the curb” he’d like for the Cowboys to be the team to pick him up.

Thomas also thinks people are taking the whole situation too seriously—he saw an opportunity to take his shot and he did.

He clearly still loves playing in Seattle, telling NBC Sports “Yes, I’m happy here. I love being here.This is where I started. I built my resume here. I got Kam and Sherm. I don’t want to leave.”

The 28-year-old wouldn’t be opposed to his current contract getting restructured, saying it’d be a “great Christmas present.”

If he did join the Cowboys it’d also give sneakerheads a chance to see a slew of Player Exclusive Jordan cleats, a current staple of Thomas’s uniform. If that happens, Dez Bryant might finally get a run for his money when it comes to who can get their hands on the some of the most coveted cleats fans will ever see.