Source: MANDEL NGAN / Getty

Israel is thanking Trump for his solidarity and “bravery” in a rather interesting way.  Jerusalem’s soon-to-open high-speed rail line will have a station at the sacred Western Wall — and it reportedly where bear Trump’s name. The transportation minister, Yisrael Katz, said that naming the station was a gesture of appreciation for Trump.

“The Kotel [Western Wall] is the holiest place to the Jewish people, and I have decided to name the train station leading to it after US President Donald Trump, in recognition of his brave and historic decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital,” Katz said on Tuesday.

“Donald John Trump” station will only be a couple of feet from the wall, which is by the Jewish Quarter’s “Cardo,” or heart and main street of the city. The plan will have the train continuing from the entrance of the city and traveling through a two-mile tunnel to reach the inside of the Old City’s walls. Digging railway tunnels to the Western Wall would also entail excavating in Jerusalem’s Old City, where religious and political sensitivities could prove to be a logistical and legal dilemma. Despite all of this, the train line is supposed to open in the spring.

The normalization of American relations with Israel may seem harmless to any who don’t know the violence being perpetrated by the Israeli government. The ccupation of Palestine has subjected the citizens of the country to administrative detention, imprisonment, and sometimes even torture.

But if there’s a U.S. president who’s entirely here for violence (or just entirely ignores it) it’s Trump, right?