Subscribe Teams Up With Honeywell For $299 XUPERMASK

Source: Xupermask / Xupermask

Even though vaccinations across the country are ramping up, mask-wearing is STILL the best weapon against stopping the spread of COVID-19. is looking to take masking-up to another level with his latest contribution to wearable technology, the XUPERMASK.

The multi-hyphenated artist announced he was partnering with Honeywell to bring the $299 XUPERMASK to the world. Now, we know you’re probably doing the *blinking white gif* looking at the price, and we understand, but this mask does have some very innovative features.

The XUPERMASK uses Honeywell’s patented HEPA filtration tech and features other innovations only the mind of the Black Eyed Pea’s frontman would envision should work with a mask. The mask has magnetic earbud docking,  three dual-speed fans Bluetooth 5.0, LED day glow lights, noise-canceling audio, and a microphone, plus the promise of 7-hours of battery life.

As for the design, linked up with superhero costume designer, Jose Fernandez, who has worked on costumes for Batman, Spider-Man, and Tron films. Fernandez was also behind the Black Eyed Peas’ drip while headlining the Super Bowl halftime show a few years back.

Per Complex:

“[I knew] it should be Jose like, ‘Yo Jose look, bro, let’s make a mask. Are you busy right now?’ He was like, ‘Well, actually I’m not. People aren’t filming anything right now. So, you got me a hundred percent right now,’” Will recalled. “So, thank the Lord that he was available. To have that level of a designer be a part of your company is phenomenal.”

The XUPERMASK comes in two colors and two different sizes. It also comes with a complimentary XUPERKIT with a three-month supply of HEPA filters, earbud tips, a USBC-C charging cable, a carrying case, and a fabric mask. The masks officially drop in the U.S., Canada, UK, and EU on April 8.

Are you down to drop $299 on a mask? If so, head here for more info on the XUPERMASK.