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Rachel Dolezal

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Rachel Dolezal Needs to Have Herself a Seat.

Artists aren’t the only one demonstrating against H&M’s trash hoodie. Rachel Dolezal wants justice, too, and we’re just… tired. In what appears to be a now-deleted Instagram post, Dolezal shared a photo of her “Coolest Prince in the Hood” hoodie, created in an effort to “counter H&M’s ‘Coolest Monkey in the Jungle’ shirt.” Ma’am.

“I had to… because my son was called a ‘monkey’ in second grade,” she wrote. But folks ain’t buying it. “Don’t you think Hood sounds almost as bad,” one commenter wrote. Another questioned Dolezal’s motives, stating they were “having a hard time” seeing how her hoodie was a form of protest, especially since we have no idea where the proceeds are going. “It don’t sit well with me.”

On the flip side, Diddy’s reportedly plotting on a contract for the handsome young boy who was featured in H&M’s ad.

Living Single‘s Streaming on Hulu Starting Tomorrow.

Back like 50-degree weather on a Thursday (yeah, that’s happening in parts of the east tomorrow—we hype), Living Single is making its return, and all thanks to Hulu.

“It’s a ’90s kind of world. Again,” the streaming service tweeted Tuesday night. “Living Single, the entire series, streams January 11, only on Hulu.” So far, 2018’s been Black AF. Maybe we can get that rumored reboot, too?

SZA’s Slated to Perform at the Grammys. It’s Been a Long Time Coming.

We’ll also be getting performances from Cardi B and Bruno Mars (“Finesse” live, anyone?) and we can’t wait. It’s a big year for Cardi and SZA. Aside from already having one of the biggest singles of 2018, Cardi’s up for her first Grammy award—ever. Meanwhile, SZA is the most-nominated female artist with five total nominations. Ooo kill’em!

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