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Do you have a need for speed? A penchant for jumping from high places? If so, chances are you’re an adrenaline junkie who gets off on the things that would scare most people sh*tless. Whether for bragging rights or checking off an internal list to prove something to yourself, there are countless thrill-seeking activities to partake in around the world. When mapping out your 2018 travels, here are five top adventurous activities to keep in mind.

1 Run With The Bulls – Spain

How fast can you run? Whatever you’re thinking, 15 charging bulls through the streets will likely have you channeling your inner Usain Bolt. The annual Bull Run in Pampolona, Spain occurs in July during the San Fermin Festival. Although the festival begins on July 6, the bulls do not run until July 7 and then they run for seven consecutive mornings. Stop playing it safe and grab the bull by the horns in 2018.


2 Cage Diving with Great White Sharks – South Africa

Throw on your wetsuit, step into an iron cage, then submerge in the ocean to get face to face with jaws while cage diving with great white sharks in Capetown, South Africa. Imagine the feeling of being inches away from one of the most vicious predators known to man. Or several of them for that matter. After this adventure, you’ll have the confidence to take on the world.


3 Swim With Stingrays – Cayman Islands

If diving with sharks is over your level of comfort, how about swimming with stingrays? Stingray City in the Cayman Islands is home to about 50 of these unique sea creatures. The stingrays are not kept captive in the park, so when they choose to come in and spend time with guests, be ready for your usie!

4 Human Slingshot – Thailand

Do you want to feel the rush of going 90+ mph as your free moving body launches almost 300 feet in just one second? If so, then the human slingshot (also known as the horizontal bungy) at Pattaya Bungy should be your next stop. If you can stomach doing anything after your slingshot experience, the park also hosts go-carting, paintball, and off-road buggies.

5 White Water Rafting – Uganda

Time to get wet and wild in the Nile River. If you are the type who likes the challenge of being one with nature’s elements, this adventure at Raft Africa will beat you, challenge you, and leave you screaming for more. This grade-five whitewater excursion is not for the faint of heart, so have a conversation with yourself to make sure you’re ready to be flipped and flooded before hopping on for this wild ride.

Rondel Holder is a marketing executive and the founder of travel site Soul Society 101