You can never go wrong by showing yourself some love, bruh. Beyond almost instantly upgrading your dating life, a strong grooming regimen can also bring you the polish you might need to land that promotion at work. So what’s stopping you from stepping things up and tossing out that  4-in-1 wash you swear by? hims—a new wallet-friendly, self-care brand for men—offers great solutions for hair loss, acne-prone skin, sexual wellness and more.

With 66% of men losing their hair by the age of 35, hims has made hair loss one of it’s primary initiatives. The brand offers affordably-priced, preventive measures packed with medically proven ingredients for game-changing results. These aren’t your average drugstore buys.

With plans to expand, hims’ current roster includes a full haircare kit. Contents include a  prescription-based, 30-day supply of finasteride to treat male pattern baldness at the crown and mid-scalp,  a 2-oz bottle of monoxidil—a topical solution for hair growth, a shampoo which removes toxins, and gummy bear supplements that strengthen hair, nails and skin while benefitting the nervous and digestive systems.

Visit  to cop the haircare kit ($44) or the edible kit ($28).