Kanye West Signs Copies Of "Graduation"

Source: Trish Tokar / Getty

This past Friday, NYC vintage consignment shop owner Justin Reed launched “Drop 8,” his eighth such collection of high-end wares, and someone quickly snapped up Kanye West‘s exotic “Robot Face” Goyard Backpack for $55,000. The purchaser’s identity has not been revealed, but the one-off, bespoke bag from the nearly 230-year-old French luxury brand is modeled by Zach Dowdie on IG. Reed also shared photos of the backpack’s “[e]xcellent overall condition” on his site, as well as snapshots of West when he used to own it.

The bag initially made waves over a decade ago, when backpacks were still a major staple of West’s more “conscious” era (from the pre-Roc-a-Fella Records days through Graduation). The backpack’s online description borrows from Poe Hwang’s original write-up, highlighting the rapper’s acquisition of the bag during the 2010 Paris Fashion Week with then-girlfriend Amber Rose.

If you feel like you missed out on the “Robot Face” backpack, you can still get your hands on a pre-owned (but still very tony) “Keepall X Takashi Murakami Bandouliere 55 Camouflage Canvas Leather Weekend Bag” from Louis Vuitton for $11K. And while it may not be a 1-of-1 nor verified as the precise bag owned by West himself, there are pics of the Chi-Town musician sporting the same edition LV bag, too, so you can be part of high society. However, if you want something brand new altogether, then pick up the grey leather Hermès Haut à Courroies 40 Birkin Bag – but it will set you back for twice the price of the “Keepall X Takashi Murakami Bandouliere” bag.

Some of the other items for sale include a Chrome Hearts plunger (which is thankfully not pre-owned), a varsity jacket by Denim Tears, and a number of jeans and hoodies from the collabo between Drake and Chrome Hearts. The available CH x Drake denim currently goes for $11K, while the sweatshirts will run you $2,500. Check out more of Justin Reed’s “Drop 8” Collection by clicking here.