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Nicki Minaj at the Diesel Store

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Nicki Minaj has been quiet on the music front, given that her last album Queen came out three years ago, and she had the birth of her son this past September. So “The Harajuku Barbie” posted two photos of herself on social media this Monday, atop a pink desk and with only a pair of fluffy heart-shaped pillows strategically placed over her body, followed by a simple line: “F R I D A Y [crossed fingers emoji].” But Minaj’s hint of possibly new music or pillows were not what got the web in a frenzy — instead, it was her pink Crocs, which reportedly led to the shoe company’s website crashing soon thereafter.

Fans immediately went to the Crocs page to get their own pairs of Minaj’s $50 electric pink clogs and were met with a message informing them the site was temporarily down. “We’ll be right back. Really,” is how the site’s visitors were greeted. “We apologize for the inconvenience… Please try us again soon, and thank you for supporting Crocs!”

Fans say various colorways quickly sold out at that precise moment and, in fact, U.K. retailer The Sole Supplier experienced a 4900% jump in sales of pink Crocs that crashed its website, too. Google Trends reported the phrases “pink crocs” and “nicki minaj crocs” as “breakout searches” after Minaj’s photos hit Twitter and IG. Even more, as of this article’s publishing, all sizes of the electric pink classic clogs are sold out on the Crocs site, and the remaining colors have limited inventory.

For her part, Minaj went on IG the day after, this time sans Crocs, and posted the caption, “I’m bout to giv’em dat traction, send a distraction— then ima line’em like FRACTIONS ✍🏾 F R I D A Y 🤞🏽.” Some Internet gumshoes also peeped that Nicki has since begun following Rihanna on the ‘Gram once again, so The Barbz are excited to see what kind of summer heat may be coming our way from the duo.