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Los Angeles Chargers v New England Patriots

Source: Jim Rogash / Getty

In another come-from-behind victory in the AFC Championship Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are off to the Super Bowl. And the only quarterback who might be damn near as happy as Brady is his old teammate Jimmy Garoppolo.

The Pats traded Jimmy G to the San Francisco 49ers during the regular season but he’s still reaping the rewards as if he was still in the Gillette stadium. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Garoppolo gets a nice $79,000 check because the Patriots won two playoff games and the AFC title this year. And he’s not done yet. If Brady can do the unthinkable and win another Super Bowl, Garoppolo would get an additional $112,000. Even if the Patriots lose, the 26-year-old footballer gets $56,000.

Garoppolo may have finished his season with the 49ers but his trade caused a ton of turmoil in the Patriots’ locker room. Rumors suggest that Coach Bill Belichick didn’t want him dealt off the team. While the Pats have made a rare move to announce that there’s no behind-the-scenes drama, it’s hard to ignore the success he’s had since leaving the team.

Garoppolo showed just how good he could be when he led his new team on a 5 game winning streak, the first the 49ers had seen since 2014. He really proved his chops during a December game against the Tennessee Titans. With a little over a minute on the clock, Garoppolo put together a seven-play 48-yard drive that set up receiver Robbie Gould for the walk-off touchdown.

He could have been Brady’s successor and the decision to let him walk is signaling to some that the power struggle between Robert Kraft and Belichick finally came to its inevitable head. But for now the Pats are fine, and all bets are on Brady— hand injury and all they’re going for it… again.