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Will Smith is cradling a baby wombat as it rests in his arm.

“This is our new baby,” he jokes. The clip begins with him feeding a crocodile with a long pole. “That wasn’t nothing,” he says.

In another post, he’s solving a Rubik’s cube. If you scroll down some more, he and Denzel Washington share a #TBT photo. Reload the page and you’ll find him sharing advice given to him by Arnold Schwarzenegger. “He said if your movie is only big in America, it doesn’t matter. You’ll be a movie star when you’re a movie star in every country in the world.” But even more inspiring, is his love for his family, the love that permeates through his grin when he talks about his wife and the Christmas sweaters she makes them wear each year.

Smith joined Instagram in December 2017 and we’ve found joy in his page ever since. In the short time he’s been on the gram, he’s reminded us why we first fell in love with the Fresh Prince from Philly and what every celebrity’s page should embodyhumor, humble opulence and inspiration.

So let’s discuss the best moments on his gram thus far. Keep scrolling.

Christmas With The Smith Family

Jada Pinkett-Smith apparently makes the entire Smith family wear matching Christmas sweaters every year and 2017 was no different as we witnessed it first-hand from Will’s account.

The family, with Willow (who Will says was “infected with that Christmas stuff”), Jaden and an arsenal of tiny tots in tow, took on the snow in a festive sled led by reindeer.

Jada’s New Haircut

Will is equally supportive as he is funny. Jada hit us with a #NewHairWhoDis post on New Year’s, but Will gave us the exclusive when he snuck a candid video of his wife and her asymmetrical tresses.

Relationship Wisdom

Will and Jada are the pinnacles of Black love, so it makes sense he’d have a wise word or two about marriage. He dropped some relationship knowledge on us when he took us through 20 years of wisdom in one Instagram post. The short version: “Love is like gardening.”

When He Reported Live From A Boat In Australia

Who else on Instagram has cutaway shots from a drone while boating? And not regular boating, rough boating. We’d explain, but it’s better to watch.

His Incredible Seats At The Australian Open

Wealth and influence buy these kinds of seats.

When He Walked About Comic-Con In A Bright Mask

Will’s Netflix film Bright was a massive success, despite poor ratings. Eleven million viewers streamed Bright within the first three days of its release, making it one of Netflix’s most streamed movies. Much of the film’s success can be attributed to Will’s personal influence and moments like this. Gotta love his dedication.

Check It Off Your Bucket List

More importantly, Will reminds us to dream big.

Follow him @WillSmith on Instagram.


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