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Source: Zhang Peng / Getty

When it comes to political stances big companies usually shy away from chiming in, but thanks to the Trump Presidency things are changing.

The flame broiling giant, Burger King decided to stick it to the Republican-controlled FCC and Ajit Pai by dropping a video hilariously explaining how the repealing of net neutrality would affect you with the help of its world-famous Whopper.

It’s pretty genius.

Burger King soundly lets Ajit Pai and his oversized coffee mug know where it stands on the matter with the new video that has already amassed over a *whopping* one million views on YouTube.

The near three-minute long video shows visibly frustrated Burger King patrons who are absolutely confused as to why they have to pay more to get their Whoppers quickly. The commercial puts net neutrality into laymen’s terms: the less you pay the slower you get your internet, or in this case, a burger. Despite Americans (Republicans and Democrats) agreeing that the Title II protections should remain, the Republican majority still voted to repeal the protections.

What is even more alarming is that there are still people who don’t know what net neutrality is or how it being repealed could affect them in the long run. But thankfully, Burger King knows the way to an American’s brain is through their stomach and this simple breakdown helped those customers understand instantly.

To put an exclamation on the message the video ended with the King himself sending a profound shot at Pai by drinking out of an oversized Reese’s coffee mug. We hope our politician’s watched this video and took notes cause this is how you explain and sell a message. You can check out the incredible video below for yourself and if you still don’t have a clue as to what exactly net neutrality is, well you really should press play.

Long live the Burger King and peep the video below.