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According to a press release from the Charlottesville Police Department, Tyler Watkins Davis is the fourth suspect to be arrested in the August 2017 attack on DeAndre Harris.

Davis, 49, was charged with malicious wounding in violation of Virginia State Code 18.2-51. After a warrant for his arrest was issued on January 17, he was arrested a week later in Middleburg, Fla. by Clay County Sheriff’s Department. No further details have been shared regarding Davis’ case, though police say he is currently being held at the Clay County Jail in Green Springs Cove, Fla.

Davis’ arrest comes three months after the arrest of 22-year-old Jacob Scott Goodwin of Ward, Ark. The two other men charged in Harris’ assault—Daniel Borden and Alex Michael Ramos—are reportedly being held in Virginia.

Harris was brutally beaten on August 12, 2017 during the fatal “Unite the Right” rally that resulted in Heather Heyer’s death. Following the arrest of Borden, a warrant was issued for Harris’ arrest in the same attack that left him bruised and bloodied.

Harris was later arrested for “unlawful wounding” of a white supremacist and released on an unsecured bond. The warrant came about after alleged “victim” Harold Ray Crews went to the local magistrate’s office and requested Harris be arrested.  Further details were not made public.

“The city of Charlottesville is allowing these same white supremacists to re-victimize my client DeAndre Harris on the word of a single extremist,” Harris’ attorney, S. Lee Merritt, later said in an interview with Don Lemon. “His word alone, without any additional evidence, allowed for a warrant to go forward.”

Merritt went on to say Crews was injured in an incident separate from the day Harris was attacked, and that Harris was in the hospital at the time Crews was wounded.

“If Mr. Crews was injured that day it was during this attack and had nothing to do with DeAndre Harris,” he stated. “Based on the exception to the system, the word of one white supremacist, he’s being called a felon and he’s being (dragged) back through the system.”