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Here's What 'F9' Star Ludacris Said About A Potential Spinoff With Tyrese

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F9 is revving up to finally race into theaters and signals the Fast & Furious movies are finally approaching the finish line. So does this mean we could see more spinoff films? 

During a global press conference event, Ludacris, who returns as Tej Parker, the tech-savvy car enthusiast who can put hands and feet on you if need be, as we learn in this film thanks to great fight sequences, fielded some questions from reporters. Fans of the Fast & Furious franchise know that Tej and Tyrese’s Roman Pearce share a lot of screen time and have reluctantly grown close even though they take shots at each other in sort of a brotherly relationship.

We asked the Atlanta rapper if he would like to see a spinoff film featuring the two characters who have literally seen it all and, in F9, have gone to outer space. Luda seemed to be down for the idea, and why not? Who wouldn’t want their own Fast & Furious spinoff franchise? But he also pointed out in his answer that it is up to the studio, and the fans have to demand it.

“If the fans want it, they have to push for it,” he begins. “I don’t think that’s something that we have the say-so on. But enough people make noise about it, Universal will probably make it happen.”

As of right now, there has only been one Fast & Furious spinoff film, and that’s Hobbs & Shaw that saw Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s character Hobbs reluctantly team up with Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw to take on Idris Elba, who played a bulletproof cybernetic villain who hilariously called himself the “Black Superman” at one point in the film.

Ironically, Tyrese Gibson wasn’t too thrilled about the film happening because it pushed back the filming of F9. The actor posted and deleted an article with the misleading headline “Hobbs & Shaw Has Lowest Fast & Furious Box Office Opening Since Tokyo Drift,” along with the caption, “Breaking up the family clearly doesn’t have the value that one would assume it does.”

Despite Gibson’s hate for the film, Hobbs & Shaw was well received by critics and did very well at the box office. The singer also recently announced that his fairly one-sided “beef” with The Rock is settled. With the final two films on the horizon, we won’t be shocked if Tej and Roman somehow wind up getting a spinoff. Who knows.

Would you be down to see Tej and Roman on their own mission? We wouldn’t mind at all. In fact, we think it would quite entertaining to see. That’s a bridge their supercharged vehicles will have to cross when the Fast & Furious franchise eventually gets there.

F9 finally arrives in theaters Friday, June 25.

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