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DMX has slipped, fallen and he get up when it comes to drugs, his lawyer implied Tuesday after the rapper was back before a judge for leaving a court-ordered drug rehab. The rapper, whose real name is Earl Simmons, violated bail when he failed a drug test following his departure from a treatment program.

“I’d like to tell you I have total control of his movements, I don’t,” Murray Richman, DMX’s attorney, said after the lyricist appeared before Judge Jed Rakoff in Manhattan Federal Court. “I cannot make excuses anymore.”

DMX, 47, has been publicly open about his struggle with drugs throughout most of his life. The rapper, like other Black celebrities, has found himself in and out of legal troubles over that crippling addiction, which nearly killed him during an almost-fatal overdose in February 2016.

This time around, his addiction got him handcuffed for several bail violations stemming from having pleaded guilty to $1.7 million tax fraud in November, the New York Daily News reported. The rapper had also failed to travel on tour with a drug counselor. Though he prematurely left the rehab to help his “sick” one-year-old son, Richman said, he couldn’t stay clean.

He is expected to remain in custody until a March 28 hearing, an unfortunate consequence of his addiction.

Perhaps stories of how other celebrities, including Mary J. Blige and T.I., can be of some example to X on how to successfully kick the habit. T.I., who had trouble with the law over drug arrests and struggled with addiction to OxyContin, found help in other rappers’ support. The “King” lyricist partially credited Eminem for his sobriety when Em reached out to Tip while he was in prison.

But support from other celebrities isn’t enough: DMX will have to continue on with the court-appointed rehab. Relapses are actually likely to occur due to the chronic nature of drug addiction, according to Drug Abuse. A relapse doesn’t necessarily mean that a treatment has failed, though other treatments may work better for him.

There’s something else that X has to add to the equation with treatment and support: he has to address the deeply embedded behaviors that drive his addiction. Blige, who abused cocaine for years, touched on how people use substances to cover up serious issues, from shame to guilt to depression. She had to confront her issues, as well as change her diet and add daily exercise to her life.

DMX has to let go of his emotional baggage. Hopefully, one day, he will sober, healthy and back on stage.


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