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If there’s a quotable movie that you can watch endlessly, it’s Friday.

The 1995 classic follows a young Chris Tucker (as Smokey) and Ice Cube (as Craig Jones) who somehow gets fired on his day off. As a result, the two best friends find themselves owing a drug dealer some money after getting high on their own supply. So, they’ve got to pay back the money they owe or be killed as hilarity –and wild events– ensue throughout the rest of the day.

To honor the film, we got the homies Rodney Rikai and Mouse Jones to chop it up about why this flick needs to be watched by everyone.

“This is my favorite movie of all time, number one, of all genres. I’ve watched Friday more than any other movie in my entire life. I know every bar,” says Rikai. “This movie made me and made me know I wanted to move to LA.”

Mouse admits that his favorite part of the movie is the Ms. Parker scene, which causes Rodney to reminisce over the Instagram DM he got from Nia Long –who plays Debbie– on his birthday a few years back.

Though Ice Cube had previously starred in Boyz n The Hood, this was the first time we saw him in a lighter role and not the hardcore N.W.A. member.

“I think Ice Cube was a polarizing figure in our community from NWA. And just like you and I and all black men, he has layers,” explains Rikai. “We might have been introduced to him as the gangster hardcore rapper, but that doesn’t mean he’s not somebody who likes to laugh or isn’t able to brighten an experience that he’s had that looks good on screen.”

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