Grown Man Sh*t: The Art Of Shaving


First things first—if you’re not wearing a Versace robe while shaving, does it even count?

That’s debatable, but on some grown man shit, knowing how to shave without missing spots or f*cking up your face or head is a must. So on this episode of Grown Man Shit, Dustin is teaching you how to shave like a grown ass man. Gone are the days when you run an electric razor over your head in hopes of nabbing each piece of hair—we’re going back to the OG way of getting your baldie fresh.

Yup, safety razors are back and Bevel is in.

Before you get started, you’ve got to make sure your head is clean, so it’s best to do it after the shower, not before. You’re not a caveman, so don’t lather the shaving cream on your head with your hand— use a shave brush and get some even strokes going. And make sure you dip the brush in water first, because a little lubrication always helps to get your stroke game on point.  After shaving with the grain, be extra careful with the spots around your ears. And the mirror is your best friend when shaving the back of your head. Aftercare is just as important as priming your head—do your very best not to spill anything on the ’sace robe.

Now get to shaving, and feel free to hit the dougie if you didn’t miss any spots.

Grown Man Shit Shaving

Source: iOne Video / iOne Video