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Will Smith Recreated His Son’s Video on Instagram, and It’s Iconic. (See What We Did There?)

Jaden Smith’s SYRE recently hit 100 million Spotify streams. To celebrate, father Will Smith decided to recreate the “Icon” video—complete with distressed denim, an icy grill, and bleach blonde hair. Someone please get Jaden’s daddy.

“I’m proud of you baby,” he said at the end of the clip. “Congratulations, man, 100 million! Congrats, I love you.” Behold, yet another reason the internet’s named Will one of the best things to happen to Instagram:

Cardi B Is Reportedly Receiving Gang Threats for Dissing the Crips, Says TMZ.

It all started with an Instagram post the “Finesse” rapper shared Monday of her rocking  a luxurious blue fur coat. “I hate wearing Flue but this coat was too poppin,” her caption read. If you’re hip, then you know why they’d potentially feel a way about her knocking their trademark color. If you’re not, allow us to remind you: she publicly announced she was a Blood back in May. As we send one up for Cardi’s safety, we’re also celebrating the confirmation of her collab with J-Lo.

The President Can’t Be Racist Because He Has Too Many Black Rapper Friends.

At least that’s what Donald Trump Jr. claims in a recent interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation. And according to him, his father was never called a racist before running for president. He added that it’s “amazing” considering “all the rappers, all his African-American friends, from Jesse Jackson or [Rev.] Al Sharpton, have pictures with him.”

“Certainly, racism exists, but if it’s your response to any argument you can’t win,” he continued. “You actually do a disservice to those people actually afflicted by it, to those people who are actually oppressed and hurt by real racism, real sexism.”

Welp, guess that about settles it! 🙄

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