Money stack

Source: Andrew Unangst / Getty

Memorial Day ushers in consistently warm weather, and kicks off the season of litness. It’s the first official BBQ day of the summer, and the sales are about to start coming through. But before you drop your card on those new Gucci slides—with the fur of course—consider that you’re a grown-up and there are plenty of better ways to spend your money.

The CASSIUS team’s got a few suggestions for things to cop if you’re spending during the big sales weekend.

An air conditioner is very clutch.


If you aren’t blessed enough to reside in a spot with central AC, picking up a unit is a must. Your inner cheapskate may say nah, but if you wait until the first heat wave you’ll end up paying way too much bread to stay cool. (Next time you need one, make sure you buy it during the winter for the low low.) Need a little extra motivation? Remember an air conditioner is a must for those Netflix—HBOGo if you got it like that— and chill dates.


Upgrade that cheap ass mattress.

Don’t be the one caught on Instagram with a raggedy looking mattress or no box spring. That futon isn’t a good look. The weekend’s markdowns at furniture stores make this a great time to get a mattress that actually allows you to get a good night’s sleep—and ensures overnight guests wake up happy for two reasons. Plus, you’ll stop embarrassing yourself on Instagram.

Toaster ovens are cool, too.

It’s time to cop a toaster. We know those new kicks drop on Saturday, but for that $200—before tax!—you can buy yourself a Cuisinart or something that allows you to stop heating up your pizza in the microwave like a savage. You can also try a convection oven, which are like mini-sized real ovens, but way easier to use. Either way, and most importantly, your pizza crust will get crunchy again.


Clothes… because you still gotta get ‘fits off.

Last summer’s wardrobe is likely looking a bit dusty thanks to all of the spilled liquor and BBQ sauce stains you amassed hitting spots. While rocking jeans and hoodies may get you through mid June, after that it’s time to shed the layers. Rack up on some new shorts, button ups, t-shirts… and a romper or two, if that’s your steez. Whatever your style, you and the squad gotta get make sure you’re looking right.