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Daz Featuring Rick Ross Vidieo Shoot in South Beach

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Rick Ross is known for his impressive car collection, which numbers over a hundred, including Lamborghinis, seven Chevy Bel-Airs, and even a custom Porsche 911. However, Rozay may be inaptly titled the Maybach Music CEO because he is not allowed to drive any one of them.

“Who own a hundred cars and don’t have a driver’s license,” Ross asked on his Instagram Story. “More importantly, I’m filling out every day for my driver’s license, and they ask me, ‘Are you an organ donor?’” He then poked some fun at himself. “I said, ‘Damn, if something was to happen to me and saw how good my heart was.’ Don’t let me die just to take my good heart.”

It may be hard to believe the 45-year-old rapper doesn’t have his license yet, especially for someone who has amassed so much property and that many cars. However, just because Rozay isn’t driving the vehicles himself doesn’t mean he is not making boss moves with them. In fact, the cars have been a great investment for him.

“Somebody just paid me $20,000 to put five cars in front of something just to take some pictures for two hours,” Ross said during his visit to the I Am Athlete podcast ate last year. “If I’m moving with it, I’m going to try my best to get the most out of it. Why not?”