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Twitter Calls A Streetballer Hookah Doncic For Smoking During The Game

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Watch out basketball world. There is a new streetball legend, according to Twitter.

A local New Yorker who enjoys playing basketball and smoking hookah is now the talk of social media. A video of a person named Mook Milly (@Mook_Milly04) on Instagram has gone viral for an impressive feat he manages to pull off during an organized basketball game and the hilarious nickname he earned for it.

It’s no secret hookah, the new fad among young adults has the Black community in a headlock, and this latest clip proves that. In the video, Mook Milly hits the sideline to take a pull of hookah before jumping back into play, stealing the pass, and scoring on a layup. It’s honestly an impressive feat.

Twitter was absolutely amazed, but what made the video pop even more on social media is when one Twitter user named @BrownHawkDown hilariously called the hooper Hookah Doncic, a clever play on the Slovenian NBA superstar and current NBA 2K22 cover athlete Luka Dončić.

That opened the flood gates with Twitter users hilarious reacting to the clever nickname bestowed upon the b-ball player who seemed to be rejuvenated after taking a pull of the flavored tobacco.

It’s moments like these that will forever make Twitter the GOAT when it comes to social media.

Check out even more reactions below:

Twitter Reacts To Streetballer Puffing On Hookah During A Basketball Game
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