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As we finish out the second coronavirus-canceled summer, it appears Fall will follow a similar pattern.

Earlier this year, vaccines from Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson were made readily available to anyone over the age of 12. Soon after people began getting the jabs and the hospitalization rate began to drop, it was thought that mask mandates, and we’d have a relatively normal life for the second half of 2021.

However, we were poorly mistaken as many people were hesitant to get the vaccine, and anti-vaxxers began to spread false information that allowed a more dangerous and infectious variant to spread and send us back into the dark days of the pandemic. Over 155,000 people were infected just yesterday in the United States as states began to once again run out of ICU beds, proving just how serious the Delta variant has become.

Twitter always has an interesting way of interpreting tragic events, and realizing that this Fall will mostly be spent inside is no different. From that, users began creating memes showing their plans for the fall and how the Delta variant has canceled them.

Check out some of the best “my fall plans, the delta variant” memes below:

The Best “My fall plans, the delta variant” Memes
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