Cassius Life Featured Video

After “bearly” following a few of Ranger Rashid’s “four keys to survival” on their first day, Team CASSIUS is left to fend for themselves in the rain-soaked woods. The city slickers aren’t too pleased about being abandoned by their quirky leader but—after resisting the urge to hop back into their 2018 Toyota RAV4 Adventure Grade and head back to civilization—something interesting happens, the foursome are each bonding with Mother Nature in their own way. Now they must work as a unit and depend on one another to brave the elements and win the day—under the inconspicuously watchful eyes of Ranger Rashid and his dearly departed friend Carl. Speaking of whom, after revealing his key rule to the group, Ranger Rashid finally addresses the origin of his frozen, feathery friend. Awkward. So how will our urban jungle dwellers handle the ranger, the woods and repeat exposure to the work of a first-class taxidermist? There’s only one way to find out.

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