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Open TV (beta) has big changes coming in 2018. The brand had to change its name Open TV (beta) after a patent holder (Open TV Inc.) delivered a challenge to the company, but the nascent network has decided to keep pushing, bringing to the fore stories you can’t get anywhere else. Mainly, that’s real storytelling; real television featuring main characters who are trans, female, Latinx, and more. The Chicago based platform for “intersectional television” is featuring TV left out of the mainstream conversation. HBO’s Brown Girls began at Open TV (beta), and the founder, Aymar Jean Christian, is proud to be inspiring and facilitating the industry’s new creative talent.

The network has renamed itself OTV, and has a full rack of stories coming down the line. On March 6, from 6-8PM, the third annual “Open Television Tonight” series will be premiering three shows: Yogma, SEEDS, and Code-Switched. On March 20, The T and Velvet will be opening at the Chicago International Television Festival. March 30 finds OTV dropping more series premieres at the Chicago Cultural Center with more episodes to come afterward.

Christian had this to say about the change, “With OTV we are dropping ‘beta’ and focusing on raising our production value, cultivating partners in distribution and exhibition, all while continuing to develop experimental, genre-defying works that expand the art of video narrative.” He continued, “Our audience is growing, as are our expectations, so it is time to upgrade, continuing with our research-based mission but working towards greater consistency and refinement.”

One of the premieres, The T, already has some buzz. It’s being written and created by Bea Cordelia and Daniel Kyri. The pilot, directed by Deven Casey, has allowed the team to win a filmmaker residency through the city of Chicago. And the Chicago Reader has taken notice, referring to Cordelia as a “breakout star.” Also making the Reader is Code-Switched, Karan Sunil’s ensemble comedy.

Below you can find a trailer for The T. Who knows, that next brilliant idea could end up on OTV.