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As Dustin says, “Sunglasses give you an opportunity to have personality when you don’t feel like it.”

So, on some grown man sh*t, we’re teaching you how to pick out sunglasses based on where you are in life and the image you’re trying to convey. For example, a traditional black Gucci lens provides just enough flair to show that you’re still about that life. They are also the perfect sunglasses for dramatically taking off when you’re apologizing for something you’re not even remotely sorry about.

And don’t forget that dads can be cool, too. You can even be cool enough to pull off a pair of tortoiseshell Tom Ford’s. That whole yelling at your kids in the backseat thing is wack, but doing it while donning these will make sure the little ones don’t bring that same energy when you get to the grocery store.

But sometimes business calls and you gotta pop on a classic frame to get shit done—and that’s where the Ray-Ban aviators come in. For that sense of humility that you need when you hit up functions like church, baby showers, and signing divorce papers, these are the frames you grab before heading out the door.

Oh, and rocking a black turtleneck accented by a gold chain isn’t totally necessary when trying on shades, but it’s always fun.

Grown Man Shit Sunglasses

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