2018 Mitsubishi Mirage G4

Source: Mitsubishi Motors North America / Mitsubishi Motors North America

This car gets 37 miles per gallon. That, my friends, is a showstopper. And the remarkable number was the first thing that jumped out at me when I looked at the specs for the 2018 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 SE. Its great mileage was right on time for my four-hour drive from New York City to Boston, Mass. for the weekend. In fact, I made it from Manhattan all the way to Massachusetts without needing to fill up the tank. Along the way, I discovered some other things I liked about the car.

First, it was helpful having a small car that fit into just about any parking space. Boston is a big city and parking can be scarce. Also, on the road, the G4 sits high, looking out over the road at a height that feels higher than your average sedan. Good sight lines are never a bad thing.

To maintain its rock-bottom starting price of $13K, Mitsubishi has trimmed a bit of the fat in a few areas. For example, there are no mirrors on the sun visors but since passengers usually use their smartphones as mirrors these days, it wasn’t an inconvenience.

Overall, the car felt reliable and sturdy. My car also included heated front seats, USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity, cruise control, automatic windshield wipers and enough space to fit four adults plus luggage and a huge plant— don’t ask. The sport mode, or “D2” as it’s indicated on the gearshift, was a bit loud on the highway but definitely provided the necessary zip to speed past 18 wheelers with very little effort.

It snowed heavily during my trip and while I wasn’t traveling during the storm, I did have to manage a bit of black ice on my way home and the G4 was capable and solid. Plus, the front and rear defroster worked so quickly it was like magic.

Also helpful was the vehicle’s tight turning radius. I felt like I could turn on a dime. I’m not saying that I was making u-turns, but if I had to, I could do so easily. This is a small detail, but I loved the gas tank and trunk release. The two levers were placed together exactly where you might expect them— on the floor of the car, near the driver’s seat. But they were sleek, all black and blended seamlessly into the frame of the car. They also looked like they were forged from the same piece of material. I found it to be a super fancy mechanism for a budget buster car.

 Looking for an entry level whip that’ll keep you on the road without breaking the bank? The Mirage G4 might be just your speed.

Just The Facts:

Starts at $13.3K. As tested, $18K.

MPG 35 city and 41 highway = 37 MPG average

Fun fact: It only takes about $20 to fill up the gas tank!  


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