Manchester United v Chelsea - Premier League

Source: Matthew Ashton – AMA / Getty

Black Panther is shattering records, but the film’s impact goes beyond the screen.

With fans being so geeked about the movie and dressing up in traditional African garb to premiere after premiere it’s clear that representation is a win for the people and the studios putting money behind it. Not only have the returns been bountiful but the #WakandaForever salute has taken over and even spread to the sports world.

Yesterday Manchester United was vying for second place in the premier league and took down Chelsea in the process thanks to a goal by Jesse Lingard. The midfielder hit the game-winner at the 75-minute mark and celebrated with teammate Paul Pogba, with both crossing their arms over their chests in unison.

This isn’t the UK-born striker’s first time celebrating after a big score, it’s become his thing. Late last year he scored a goal against Arsenal at the Emirates and as teammates Ashley Young, Paul Pogba, and Anthony Martial surrounded him, he hit the hardest Milly Rock we’ve ever seen.

And it doesn’t stop there. At the top of 2018, he scored again and he hit Bobby Shmurda’s Shmoney Dance as his team hyped him up and the crowd went crazy. Pogba didn’t hesitate to join in and do his best Shmurda impression, too.

Lingard is only able to hit the folks with the dab as he runs around the field. Because of all the success he’s been seeing lately as his game continues to improve, he’s starting to live up to potential. In the past two seasons, he’s only scored 11 goals and this season alone he’s already scored 13 goals. Last June Lingard signed a four-year contract with Manchester United and reportedly gets paid somewhere around $137,832 a week. And if he keeps getting better, a contract extension could be in the works.