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Tamika D. Mallory is not one to back down from a fight. The co-chair of the Woman’s March went so hard protesting for Black immigrants during a “Day Of Action” outside of Paul Ryan‘s office in Washington D.C. on Tuesday that she was arrested.

Mallory, along with five other activists, demanded a congressional decision to help Dreamers with a clean DREAM Act.

She (and all activists) has the right to peaceful protest, but of course, police weren’t letting things go down like that. But intimidation tactics can’t break a fighting spirit!

“I’m not an expert on immigration, but coming from a criminal justice background, I know that whenever Black folks interact with the system, there is injustice and discrimination,” Mallory said at a press conference this week. “We cannot sit idly by.”

Trump’s condemnation of immigration has centered on racist rhetoric throughout his presidency. His comments on African countries being “shitholes,” illegal immigrants being criminals and his desire to build a wall have disturbed Black activists to the point that they are willing to go to jail. The president has implicitly pushed for a racial purge in this country, a truly destructive idea that won’t be taken lightly.

There are nearly 3.7 million Black immigrants in the United States who have achieved high rates of education and contributed to the U.S. workforce. The U.S. Supreme Court has allowed Dreamers to renew their applications until the case works its way through the legal system, declining to go along with a March 5 deadline pushed by Trump, TIME reported. Dreamers have more time before a DACA decision is made, but the fight must continue on.

Mallory has fought many battles in recent months. She clapped back at American Airlines for allegedly being disrespectful and discriminatory in booting her from a flight last October. As an advocate for voting rights, she has been motivating folks all over the nation to exercise their rights at the polls. When folks try to dull Black folks’ shine, we can expect Mallory to stand up and speak out.

Keep your head up, Tamika.


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