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Donald Glover left us hanging for nearly a year and a half after debuting the genius show Atlanta on FX back in 2016.

But Earn, the eclectic Darius, and formidable rapper Paper Boi have finally returned for season two.

In the interim, the show won a few big awards, including two Golden Globes and two Emmys. But after all the success, the pressure is on to make the second season even better and smarter.

“We talked about how we wanted season two to be better than season one,” executive producer Stephen Glover, Donald’s older brother, told EW. The younger Glover knew that they could have just emulated the quirkiness of the first season, but that’d be too easy.

“We just didn’t want to do what worked. It’s like starting from scratch again. We have characters that people like, which is great [because] we don’t have to restart that, but everything else is kinda like building another foundation,” Glover added.

The show chronicles Glover’s character, Earn, who goes through the peaks and valleys of being his cousin’s manager and the stark reality of being a Princeton dropout trying to figure out what the hell to do next. Meanwhile, Glover put us on to a bunch of dope songs with the show’s soundtrack. Back in season one, his selections ranged from Atlanta’s own Migos to experimental hip-hop duo Shabazz Palaces.

The second season literally starts off with a bang. The song selection sets the perfect vibe for the first episode and beyond. You can stream all the songs from season two of FX’s Atlanta below. Check back every week for the latest additions.

And if you missed the fire from the first season, we have you covered.