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That smartphone you can’t put down is actually boring you to death—and making you rude AF. Science Daily reported the findings of two studies conducted by the University of British Columbia regarding the correlation of phone usage in group settings and out of boredom. The studies showed using smartphones during social activities takes away real-life joy.

The first study asked unknowing diners to rate their evenings. The results showed those using their phones reported to enjoy the night far less and found themselves more distracted than those who didn’t use their phones. The second study surveyed participants frequently throughout the day, inquiring about their face-to-face interactions. These participants stated they enjoyed those face-to-face interactions more when their phones were not present and they were fully engaged.

Technology has definitely improved our ease of interaction, particularly when it closes the distance gap (think FaceTime connections with friends in other states or countries), but what about those relationships happening right in front of us?

Here are a few reasons you should put down your gadgets and just kick it.

Stay Focused

Constantly fiddling or scrolling on your phone splits your attention. You miss out on being in the moment and the things going on around you. Even placing the phone on the table beside you causes a distraction. When your phone lights up, your attention turns to the notification. Put it away completely.

Be On Your Grown Man

Being glued to your phone in social settings is rude. Your friends and family don’t want to have half a conversation with you or constantly repeat themselves when you’ve missed something because you were on your phone. You’re physically there but your behavior is saying you want to be somewhere else, at least virtually.

It Ain’t Safe

Being distracted can cause you to walk into traffic. If you live in a high foot traffic city like New York, you become a nuisance to those having to share the sidewalk with you. Stopping dead in your tracks or at the top of the subway stairs might get you pushed into that oncoming traffic.

Your Brain Cells Will Thank You

Smartphones make you less… well, smart. Studies have shown that excessive use of devices causes IQ points to drop and hinders verbal communication and social skills. Constantly using your phone can cause you to isolate yourself thus obstructing social skills. Actually speaking frequently and uninterrupted allows you to form and express more concise thoughts.

Give It A Rest

Logging off for a couple hours to socialize gives a much-needed break from the over saturation of the macro news cycle and unhealthy comparisons of folks’ edited lifestyles. It’s easy to spend your whole conversation talking about politics, celebrities or someone from high school you still hate after scrolling through sites. What about what happened right in front of you? Catch up, see what’s going on with your family and friends. Bring back the art of listening.


Arielle Neblett is a freelance writer for CASSIUS.