There’s nothing like a fire brand partnership.

Lucasfilm announced that it will be partnering with several companies to promote the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, including Denny’s, Nissan, Esurance, General Mills, Symantec, and the best ever: Solo cups.

Most know Solo cups from college days spent holding red cups filled to the top with an oddly dark pink liquid that smelled like rubbing alcohol and lemonade— and tasted way too damn sweet.

Which makes us wonder if college kids are the movie’s main demographic. Who knows, but the partnership does make a lot of sense when you remember that the production code name for Solo: A Star Wars Story was “red cup.” The company was pretty hype when word got out about the code name:

“We’re delighted our Solo fans are having fun with the correlation with our brand. Unfortunately Han Solo lives in a galaxy far, far away, so don’t expect to see the Solo cup integrated into the movie,” said brand manager Becca Bikoff in a statement.

But the company also hinted that a brand partnership was on the way, saying, “However, we do have plans to ‘SOLObrate’ the new trilogy in our own way. Stay tuned!”

The details on the partnership haven’t been announced, but we can probably expect some Star Wars-themed cups around May 25, 2018, when the film hits theaters. We also wouldn’t be too mad at a Donald Glover Solo cup commercial.