Germany Seeks To Halt Spread Of African Swine Fever

Source: Omer Messinger / Getty

We can’t lie — this story made us a laugh out loud on this beautiful Friday.

When a man went missing after drinking during a night out with his friends, his neighbors formed a search party to find him. Somehow, the Turkish man — 50-year-old Beyhan Mutlu, who’d reportedly wandered into the woods on the night in question — joined that search party without realizing the good samaritans were looking for him.

From the NY Daily News:

“Citing local media reports, Vice reports that Mutlu spent hours scouring neighborhoods near where he’d been boozing with friends to help locate a missing person being sought by authorities and concerned community members. When Mutlu realized the volunteers were calling his name, he solved the mystery.

“‘Who are we looking for?’ he reportedly asked. ‘I am here.'”

Pure comedy. “It’s not known how Mutlu hooked up with the search party without being noticed by friends who’d organized the manhunt. Police escorted him home,” the news site adds.

We are happy to report Mutlu is safe.